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Stromanthe sanguinea - 'Triostar'


Light conditions: Bright indirect light is the best, but Stromanthe does well in medium-light environments. The direct sun could burn the leaves and lower light may lead to leaf loss.

Stromanthe likes to have moist soil, do not leave sitting in water but make sure to water frequently. Do not allow the soil to fully dry out. 

Can be sensitive to chlorinate/fluoridated water, if your Stromanthe is wilting despite doing everything else correctly, try leaving your water out overnight in order to evaporate excess water treatment chemicals. 

Humidity: High humidity is ideal, but regular household levels are generally adequate.

Pets: Non-Toxic

Good to know: Plants that have just been shipped will be stressed, they may not look as beautiful as the picture and will need time to bounce back. How would you look after being in a dark box for a few days? Most plants will need a good drink, place in medium light and increase after a few days if needed. Do not repot for at least two weeks to avoid stressing plants out further. 


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