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Lithops - 'Living rocks'


Light conditions: This plant prefers bright direct light, rotate periodically to keep its shape and avoid etiolation. If you notice burning move the plant away from direct sunlight.

 Lithops are weird little plants! They have very specific watering needs which vary by season. 

Summer: Do not water. This is a dormant period, and in their natural arid habitats, summer would be extremely dry with no humidity or rain.  Make an exception only if they become extremely wrinkled/deflated.

Autumn: Lithops resume growth. The first sign is often a bud emerging between the two leaves. This bud will bloom, and you may start to see new leaves starting to grow from between the old leaves around this time. A thorough watering is beneficial at this time of year, and continue to water only when necessary.

Winter: Do NOT water! During this season, the new pair of leaves are drawing water from the old ones. The old leaves will shrivel over time, and the new pair will steadily grow. If you do water, the old leaves will try to drink it which confuses the plant’s growth and will cause both sets of leaves to die. Leave your Lithops entirely untouched during this season. 

Spring: Once the old leaves have dried into paper-like husks, they can be removed, and it is safe to resume watering. Water lightly to encourage new budding, then gradually increase it to full waterings as necessary.

Humidity: Low Humidity 

Ideal Temperature: Prefers warmer conditions. Keep away from drafty windows, heat vents or air conditioners and maintain a room temperature of 15C+.

Soil/Nutrients: Ideally A well-draining soil made for succulents or cacti.Although fertilizer is not necessary for plants with sufficient soil minerals. You can help enhance growth and overall plant health by using fertilizer during active growing times. Aim to repot during active growing times.

Pets: Non-Toxic

Good to know: Plants that have just been shipped will be stressed, they may not look as beautiful as the picture and will need time to bounce back. How would you look after being in a dark box for a few days? Most plants will need a good drink, place in medium light and increase after a few days if needed. Do not repot for at least two weeks to avoid stressing plants out further. 

Sizing: 2.5"

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Ships in a plastic nursery pot. All plants are different! There can be variations in colour, variegation, growth, and maturity. Plants ship out Mondays only. The deadline for orders is Saturday Midnight. You'll receive a shipping notification email with tracking when your order ships. International shipping unavailable due to customs restrictions.


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