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Epiphyllum anguliger - 'Fishbone cactus'


Light conditions: Zig zag or fishbone cactus prefers bright, indirect light, such as a west or east-facing window. Strong light can be diffused with a sheer curtain, or place your fishbone cactus farther away from the window.

 Fishbone cactus are not true cacti! Hailing from tropical rainforests, these guys are used to more water than you may be accustomed to providing for a cactus or succulent plant. Water when the first ~2 inches of soil is very dry to the touch, or when the leaves of the plant loose their turgidity. A telltale sign these plants need water is when they become easily flexible and slightly wrinkly in appearance. 

Humidity: High or moderate humidity is beneficial. 

Ideal Temperature: Prefers warmer conditions. Keep away from drafty windows, heat vents or air conditioners and maintain a room temperature of 15C+.

Soil/Nutrients: Ideally a tropical/all purpose potting mix amended with perlite. Approximately 4/1 ratio of soil to perlite.
Although fertilizer is not necessary for plants with sufficient soil minerals, you can help enhance growth and overall plant health by using fertilizer during active growing 
times. Aim to repot during active growing times, typically spring and summer.

Pets: Non-Toxic

Good to know: Plants that have just been shipped will be stressed, they may not look as beautiful as the picture and will need time to bounce back. You probably wouldn't look your best after being in a dark box for days - we know we wouldn't! Most plants will need a good drink, place in medium light and increase after a few days if needed.  Do not repot or fertilise for at least two weeks to avoid stressing plants out further.

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Ships in a plastic nursery pot. All plants are different! There can be variations in colour, variegation, growth, and maturity. 
Plants ship out Mondays only. The deadline for orders is Saturday Midnight. You'll receive a shipping notification email with tracking when your order ships. International shipping unavailable due to customs restrictions.

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