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Calathea lancifolia - 'Rattlesnake'


Light conditions: This plant prefers medium to lower light. rotate periodically to keep its shape. If you are seeing leaf burn move to a lower light area.

Calathea likes to have moist soil, do not leave sitting in water but make sure to water frequently. Do not allow the soil to fully dry out. 

Can be sensitive to chlorinate/fluoridated water, if your Calathea is wilting despite doing everything else correctly, try leaving your water out overnight in order to evaporate excess water treatment chemicals. 

Humidity: High humidity is ideal, but regular household levels are generally adequate.

Ideal Temperature: Prefers warmer conditions. Keep away from drafty windows, heat vents or air conditioners and maintain a room temperature of 16C+.

Soil/Nutrients: Regular tropical soil mix. Although fertilizer is not necessary for plants with sufficient soil minerals. You can help enhance growth and overall plant health by using fertilizer during active growing times. Aim to repot during active growing times.

Pets: Non-Toxic


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