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Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed - Pet Friendly Bouquet

We know you don't want to worry if your cat decides to take a chomp, your dog goes in for a cromch, or if your toddler decides that flowers are food. Enjoy a stress-free floral experience with our signature pet/baby - friendly bouquet. 
Might we still suggest keeping the vase out of reach? Nobody wants to clean up a spill! 

What's in this bouquet?

A gorgeous and seasonal mix of pet & baby-safe blooms - no foliage, flowers only!

Arranged in our signature carefree and natural style, our wrapped bouquets are seasonal and ever-changing. We pick out our flowers fresh every week, so we don’t always know the exact variety of blossoms or colours we will be using until we go to create the bouquets. And while we can’t promise exactly what will be in your arrangement, we do know they will be beautiful and totally unique!



  • We know sometimes you like to have flowers show up as a surprise, but our delivery system requires us to be able to contact the recipient during delivery, so please provide the proper phone number and contact information for the recipient. 

  • Deliveries may arrive between 11h00 - 21h00. We are not able to guarantee a specific delivery time.
    If the address is an office/business, please leave a note at checkout and we will make the necessary accommodations. 

  • What’s pictured here gives you a glimpse of what you can generally expect from this bouquet, but not a carbon copy! Flower varieties and colours are subjected to change without prior notice due to availability and artists’ choice.


We promise to use Canadian-grown flowers whenever possible - even when they are more expensive. Canadian-grown isn't always available, so when we need to use imported blooms we only buy from socially and environmentally responsible farms who are transparent about their operations. 

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