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Studio Foliage is 

Your trusted neighbourhood florist 

This is where it all started. Our establishment had been the friendly neighbourhood flower shop where locals would go to get their bouquets for  everyday special occasions. And we’re still here for that!  But after 15 years, the previous owners, sister-duo Mary Ann + Jackie, sold the business to their daughter/niece (Hi, that’s me, Andrea!) and it has bloomed into much more. 

Studio Foliage is here to help you curate life’s small, quiet moments. We can create a delicate wildflower bouquet for your kitchen table to enjoy in the morning while you savour that last sip of coffee, or help you reach your Pinterest goals and cover your wedding with an abundance of flowers, from centrepieces to ceremony arches. We’ll still always have a passion for fresh flowers, so you can count on us to always have your ethically, sustainably and Canadian sourced  bouquets ready for you to add to your life. 

A source for all your Botanical Living needs 

We get how much incorporating nature into your lives means to you. Bringing a fresh bouquet or a new plant into your home is much more than a new accessory to your living room, it’s introducing a new step into your daily care routine. Care for both you and for your living botanicals. Having something to care for instills a routine into our day to day which in turn creates a sense of balance and control in our lives. It’s about so much more than making a room aesthetically pleasing, it’s about inducing mental and emotional clarity.  

Curator for your Handmade Home  

We’re very… what’s the word… choosey when it comes to what goods we hold in  our shop. We have standards, what can we say! They have to be ethically sound,  sustainably sourced and we need to overall just vibe with the companies we  partner with. We only want to offer you what we would be proud to have in our  own home. And a lot of businesses that tick all our boxes are small Canadian  artists and brands and we’re so psyched about that. They get us and know that  the heart of who we are are our values, let’s get into those!  



We cherish HANDMADE

When you hold something that was handmade, you’re holding the craftsperson’s  creativity, time and love. You can feel that this item has a soul, a personality, an  individuality, much like all of us. How can we choose an item that was mass  produced by machines over something that was patiently created by another  human being. By working with Canadian craftspeople, we enrich our own  economy and help talented artists make a living by doing what they love. The  goods that these fellow Canadians make are truly humble luxuries and we feel  honoured to display them in our shop to share with you all. 


We might not take ourselves too seriously, but we sure do take our values to  heart. We spend hours of research when bringing on a new vendor - which could  be anything from our stickers and packing material, to flower farms and  greenhouses, to the dish soap and toilet paper we use at the shop, to where our  crafts-partners source their raw materials from. We want to make sure that Studio  Foliage is always doing our part to positively impact our community as well as the  environment. We know it’s fast and easy to choose things that are, well, fast and  easy. But sometimes the longer, more expensive way is the right way. And we  know you think the same way. Spending that little bit extra makes us appreciate  what we have that much more, especially when it’s opting for something more  sustainable and supporting a real individual in our community.  

We believe in WELLNESS 

Sometimes, all you can do is just Be. Be present and be yourself. And we get it,  it’s hard. There’s a lot going on in this world that challenges that every day. So if  we can help in any capacity at all, we’ll take it. We know that enriching your  environment with living botanicals like houseplants and fresh flowers, and  beautiful quality items that inspire you can help you think more positive thoughts  and feel better, if even for a moment. Pause. Breath. Repeat. 

We are committed to EDUCATION 

Humans are curious creatures by nature. That hunger for knowledge and new  skills inside of us is unrelenting and we thrive off of it. We embrace the fact that  your experience doesn’t end when you leave our shop or when your delivery  arrives - it’s just beginning. Whether you buy a plant, bouquet, coffee mug, or a  bar of soap, we want to give you the knowledge and tools to keep your  purchases beautiful longer, and to empower you to create positive change in your  home, your community, and our planet. Shoot us a question, join our workshops  or keep an eye on our blog for all your botanical living queries to be answered.




49a Donegani
Pointe-Claire, Qc
H9R 2V8, Canada



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