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They make you smile, they clean your air and let’s face it, they make the place look amazing — it’s time to give them something back!

Increase indoor plant humidity when you mist your plants and herbs with this eco conscience, BPA free glass plant mister.Dishwasher safe glass means you can spray them with water only or add in a nutritious snack to fertilize your indoor plants.

Get rid of spider mites with the opportunity inspect, getting up close and personal with your plants while misting, pest management at its best.Misting is also a great way to prevent dust from building up on your plants, improving their overall health.

Dusty plants are not able to properly complete their natural photosynthesis process.Perhaps the best part though? This elegant Amber Glass Mister looks way too great to be hidden away on the cupboard. Leave it out as part of your design and indoor plant feng shui.


Volume: 32Oz
Dimensions: 9" Height
Material: Glass

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