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Handmade in Quebec by Deux Cosmetiques  

The patchouli & chamomile soap is soothing and is known for its properties and fragrance. This soap is ideal for sensitive skin. The addition of patchouli essential oil will help regenerate and tone the epidermis, while chamomile is better known for its soothing side. 

This soap comes in packaging made of paper embedded with wildflower seeds! Keep your packaging and plant it in your garden or planter. A packaging designed to leave absolutely no trace.  

Made of certified organic ingredients and fairtrade ingredients.
85 g. | 100% vegan | Not tested on animals 


Huile d’olive saponifiée*, huile de noix de coco saponifiée°*, huile d’argan saponifiée°*, huile de jojoba saponifiée*, huile d’olive macérée de camomille*, fleurs de calendule*, huile essentielle de patchouli*, ultramarine, oxide, huile de vitamine E
* Ingrédients biologiques °Ingrédients équitables

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