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This hot chocolate was born from the house recipe that Avanaa offers at their atelier. Their customers asked to make them a mixture as memorable as the one they prepare for them daily.

Only the highest quality and ethically-sourced ingredients go into this creamy and memorable hot chocolate. Crushed chocolate chunks, organic maple sugar, organic cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. Nothing more.
This blend is ​​made with exceptional organic beans from Nicaragua (O'Tuma), which gives notes of fudge, cream, berries and nuts to your favorite hot drink.


100ml milk, plant-based or dairy
50ml water
3 tbsp (30g) chocolate mix for an intense drink or 2 tbsp (20g) for a more delicate drink.
Step 1 : Warm up milk, water and chocolate together.
Step 2 : Whisk vigorously until it gets even and a nice foam on the top appears (can be done with a frother, a whisk, or even shaking in a closed jar)
Step 3 : Add sugar if needed and enjoy.


Cocoa beans, organic maple sugar, organic cocoa powder and salt.


100% natural and vegan.
Made in Montreal from scratch.
Weight: 150g

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