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When we say the word ‘cozy’, many images are conjured up. We think about being wrapped up in soft linens, holding mugs of our favourite hot beverage while sitting by a crackling fire wearing woolen socks. And while all these individual things have a coziness in their own right, it’s that special combination that evokes an entire feeling. 

Many of us might be familiar with the term, Hygge, that word designed by the people of Denmark to encompass that feeling of coziness and ease. And they aren’t the only ones. The Dutch have Gezellighei, the Germans say Gemuetlichkeit, Japanese use the word Igokochinoyoi and Swedes have Mys. Many cultures have found a way to describe an entire feeling in one uniquely crafted word. Unlike our neighbours, we do not have this all encompassing word. In the English language, we simply have many words that can be strung together to conjure up those same emotion adorned images. Warmth, ease, stoneware mugs, home, comfort, homemade soup, snug, reading nooks, safety, wool blankets. Because living in the utmost coziness is a feeling, an atmosphere, rather than one in particular, tangible item. 

Mug and book on quilts and pillows by softly sunny window. Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels.Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

In this blog post, we’re going to bring you along a perfectly quiet Sunday routine. You don’t have anywhere to be, no prior commitments or social obligations. Your only task of the day is to just be. We will walk you through our own daily rituals in order to craft a cozy atmosphere in your home; from the moment you awake to when you finally lay back to sleep. 


When you slowly make your way out of bed, check in with yourself. Where’s your head at? Is it a good mental health day? What do you need to do for you? We always feel like a shower starts things off on the right foot for the day. So while you’re in the shower, take time to use all your senses. The feel of the warm water on your skin, the sound of it trickling down the drain. The revitalizing scent of your soap and iridescence of it’s sudsy bubbles.

Once you’ve toweled off and gone through your skin and body care routine, wrap yourself in your softest, comfiest outfit. Yes, if for you that means back in your PJs, do it. We always have our favourite sweater on standby for mornings just like this. 

Orange and cedar soap on a plate with plant in the background. Photo by Frédérique Brunet DoréWe love uplifting soaps like Orange & Cedar from Deux Cosmetics to start the day.
Photo by Frédérique Brunet Doré

We bet you can guess what comes next. Yes. Coffee. Now whether your coffee ritual looks like a classic black drip coffee, or you have all the toys to make your perfect caramel macchiato, do what fuels your soul. What’s important is that you are mindful of this process and enjoy the simple act of this morning custom. We like to take advantage of this time off and really make a ritual out of it with a pour over coffee. Something about the slowness of this process and alchemism of watching the coffee grains froth and turn to liquid solace makes it our favourite process. Like a little quiet magic in the morning. The only mandatory steps for a perfectly cozy coffee moment is you create your perfect individualized cup and choose your favourite mug to house it in. Then, take that first sip and let it go straight to the top of your gratitude list and then work our way down from that. Don’t worry, your family and friends will understand if that first sip of perfect coffee surpasses them on that list!


Chemex coffee brewer in action in a bright kitchen with gooseneck kettle in the background
Enjoy the ritual of brewing a beautiful pour over in a classic Chemex
Photo by Cihan Yüce from Pexels


 Mug in hand, now is a perfect time to do a houseplant check. If you’re a Studio Foliage fan, we know you have more than one. We’ve always felt like houseplant care should never be a chore, something to hurriedly cross off your to-do list. Take this time to see who needs watering, who needs trimming. Does anyone need to be moved around to a more/less sunny spot in the house? Take out that soil and fertilizer and get messy with this if you have to. Your plant babies will thank you for it, and not to mention how much peace you can find in this process if you are able to stay mindful through it. Surrounding your home with happy house plants not only helps that air quality (amongst other benefits) it also creates the air of a cozy, fresh home.

jade plant and orchids being sprayed with fertiliser in a cottage-style home
Organic PlantRX fertilizer keeps your plants happy and thriving.


 Now is the time to set the mood for your senses. If you haven’t done so already, add in a few drops of your favourite essential oils to envelop you in a sense of comfort and clarity for the day. For an earthy warmth to spread throughout the house choose a blend of patchouli, cinnamon and cedarwood. Or for an awakening feel, try lime, peppermint, and ylang ylang. If you have pets, just make sure you choose safe options for them! You could even have 2-3 diffusers going around the house to give each room it’s own feel.

Essential oils on table with diffuser and dried flowers in background
Have fun by combining any of your favourite Zayat Aroma essential oils to create a unique blend just for you.

 In the room you decide to settle in for the afternoon, light a few candles. Nothing crafts a cozy atmosphere like a small flickering flame. Now that you’re settled in for the afternoon, continue to take time to disconnect. We love Instagram and we’re also guilty of scrolling through TikTok for a lost amount of time. But on a day centered on comforting coziness, try to use it as an opportunity to connect with yourself. Journal your thoughts, lead yourself through some gentle yoga, flip through a cookbook for dinner inspo, paint your nails. Whatever it is, just concentrate on you and being in the moment. You can practice mindfulness anytime, anywhere, but being in this nest you’ve created is certainly an easier step into this practice. Focus on you and your uniquely curated comfortable surroundings. 


The Forest Feast Gatherings Cookbook by Erin Gleeson

Flip through one of the Forest Feast cookbooks for ultra simple vegetarian meals and a pretty aesthetic

After taking some much needed Me time, time for some gentle chores. We find some ‘chores’ can be nothing but further from the word. Like caring for our house plants, there are just some things that we know need to get done, but when we take the time to focus on them, they can be a great opportunity to create a fresh and cozy home. 

If you have some fresh flowers at home, make sure you’re trimming them and cleaning the water everyday. (We have another blog post on the proper way to do this so make sure you give that a read.) While taking care of your fresh blooms, make sure you rearrange them based on however you’re feeling and enjoy the creative process. Take a minute to appreciate the colour patterns of the petals, the lush green smell and the dancing gestures of the foliage. Having fresh florals at home always adds an element of joy to a home, don’t you think? 

Person trimming stem of yellow roseTake extra special care of your bouquets with LDH Bonsai Scissors.

One thing we know we all seem to put off until Sunday is laundry. And while maybe colour sorting and stain scrubbing isn’t your favourite thing in the world, there isn’t anything quite like the smell and feel of fresh linens and a clean bathroom or kitchen. Use your tidying and even deep cleaning as a ritual in its own right. Removing everything that isn’t fresh to make way for new, recharging energies. 

Laundry basket with wool dryer balls and detergent bottle from unscented co. Photo by Chantel Sabourin
We’re a fill up station for The Unscented Company so you can be sure to stock up on your eco-friendly cleaning products whenever you need.
Photo by Chantel Sabourin Photographe


We'll never judge for ordering in some Uber Eats, but for today, we want to continue our creation of hygge in the home and an essential step to creating a cozy home is the can’t-be-beat smells of a freshly home cooked meal. Take inspiration from a cookbook or an old tried and true family recipe. Either way, take pleasure and gratitude in creating a beautiful dinner with local, whole ingredients. Set the table, light a candle, pour a glass wine or kombucha, and savour a delicious meal cooked by you, for you. Nourishing yourself with real food at home in your cozy sanctuary will feed your body, mind and soul. 

Pinecone-shaped beeswax candle on ceramic plate
The flicker of beeswax candles makes dinner feel extra special.

After you’ve created a beautiful  and simple dish for yourself, it’s time to fully sink into your humble abode. You’ve put in the work to create the coziest surroundings for yourself, time to fully enjoy them by allowing yourself to indulge in some quiet distractions. So knit while listening to your favourite podcast, finish that series on Netflix or start the novel that’s been sitting on your night stand. Whatever it is you want to do make sure you have your favourite snack close by. Let the simple pleasure wash over you in the form of content happiness.  


Avanaa bean to bar chocolate
Cuddle up with some tea and chocolate from Avanaa.

There’s no way we can create the ultimate walkthrough of a morning to evening cozy care ritual without rounding out the night with a skincare routine. Whether it’s an extensive 7 step regiment or you simply use coconut oil, take time to really pamper your skin. Go through each step really feeling like you’re taking care of yourself by choosing products that use quality ingredients and use your favourite eco-friendly accessories. So if using some luxury brand staples is your jam, or you prefer some humble homemade alternatives, see your skincare as a time to completely let go of any noise in your mind, letting it melt away as gently massage your creams and oils into your skin.

Reusable Cotton Pads from Plantish on pretty terrazzo stone plate with natural skincare products - Photo by Vlada Karpovich - Studio Foliage - Montreal Florist
Go on and get that gorgeous skin with a little help from Plantish reusable cotton rounds 
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels


Before you slip into bed, it’s important to carry out your comforting atmosphere into your final moments of the day. Make sure your now empty diffuser is filled with a calming essential oil blend. Our favourite bedtime trio is lavender, vetiver and frankincense. Let this sleepy aroma wrap itself around you as you make your way to your bed. After breathing deeply, take one last moment to be actively aware of yourself and surroundings, before your subconscious is lulled to a safe space by its cozy surroundings. Jot down some thoughts in your journal, be it a gratitude list or some reflections of the day. Or opt to read a few pages of your awaiting, dog-eared novel. Then when you’re ready, slide under your sheets and nestle into your mattress and pillows. Feel the coolness of the duvet envelope you like a cloud. Your quiet day of comfort and coziness has come to a close and you're off to dream of something not unlike your own reality of today.

candles and essential oils look cozy on a bed tossed with pillows and blanketsPhoto by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

 We all understand that the end objective to live by these steps is to curate a life that is enveloped with coziness, and that goes beyond an aesthetic. Like we said, it’s a feeling, a lived-by way of being. These are just some of the ways we like to practice this feeling, but we recognise it can also look different for each person. The other important thing to remember is that creating a cozy abode does not have to be expensive. Choose items and rituals that speak to your inner coziness that can then be translated outwardly. We would love to see if any of the items we personally use here to create our nests make it to your own hygge filled homes, so make sure to tag us on Instagram, we would love to have a peak!



Author Bio: Izabella Amico

After getting her Bachelor’s in English Literature, her DEC in Fine Art and her certification in Massage Therapy, Bella has been living each day as varied as she can. When she isn’t being a dog mama to her King Cavalier, she’s writing freelance copy, treating her massage clients and working on her own two small companies; a skincare apothecary and an art print shop.

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